After speaking to a number of students about AIPMT/ NEET Books who have cleared the NEET and other medical entrance examinations over the past few years, we have come up with a list of the most popular books amongst those who have cracked the NEET exam.

AIPMT/ NEET Books For Biology

  • NCERT books are a must-read. One can also refer to the Fundamentals of Biology textbooks, which cover all topics from NCERT and have plenty of examples and practice questions.

  • Zoology for NEET is standalone set of 2 books covering all Zoology topics for medical entrance examinations. It is recommended by toppers as one of the best books for AIIMS entrance examination

  • Objective Biology for NEET 2019 is an updated question bank for NEET with solved previous years’ papers and plenty of mock tests as well.

AIPMT/ NEET Books For Physics

  • For developing AIPMT/ NEET Books with a strong concepts in physics, Fundamentals of Physics, an adapted version of the international bestseller Resnick, Halliday, Walker’s Fundamentals of Physics is undisputedly the best book

  • For practicing questions, Wiley’s Objective Physics for NEET serves as a comprehensive NEET question bank for Physics

Career Buddy Books is the best seller of AIPMT/ NEET Books

AIPMT/ NEET Books For Chemistry

  • AIPMT/ NEET Books for NEET 2019 exam

  • Inorganic Chemistry – JD Lee Concise Inorganic Chemistry for NEET 2019

  • Physical Chemistry – Physical Chemistry for NEET 2019

  • Medical entrance practice questions for Chemistry section of NEET 2019 can be found in Objective Chemistry for NEET

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